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Where has all my data gone?

Panicked Business Owner who's lost their Customers data

Deleting Customer Data While still retaining business insights can be a significant challenge to many eCommerce businesses.

Understanding your customer, order history and geo-delivery data is an integral part of how an eCommerce business grows and improves its customer experience.

All good businesses also want to give their customers full access to their data as part of GDPR regulation and compliance (AVG in the Netherlands).


How can an eCommerce business satisfy both these demands?

Providing a transparent and easily accessible platform for your customers to request and receive their data is a great place to start. It’s their data after all!

Accommodating customers that want their data to be removed can often become a challenge and cause havoc with your order insights and analytics.


What’s the Solution?

One solution we recommend at Seahorse Data is to anonymize your customer’s data instead of removing it completely from the system.

This way your customers can be confident that they will no longer be linked to your site or shop and your business retains the valuable order knowledge, insights and reporting statistics that you’ve worked hard to compile!


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2 comments Where has all my data gone?

  1. Very informative article guys buy can we have some instructional videos for the plugin. I am very nervous about deleting any data without knowing what will happen!

    1. Hi Zach,
      Thanks for your great feedback!

      You’re not alone with your concerns about the process of deleting data and those concerns are entirely valid as the business risks can be high.
      Business owners need to be confident of the systems employed to manage their data.

      We are currently producing a suite of “how to” videos for the plugin features such as processing GDPR Right To Forget Requests (deleting data) and Right To Access Requests (exporting data).

      You can also check-in regularly with our Knowledge Centre, or keep an eye on our Twitter Feed @SeahorseData, for further instructional videos about the many other great features of GDPR Data Manager, including Process Auditing. Database Overview, Privacy Policy and Disaster Recovery.

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