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How to add a Privacy Policy to my WordPress site?

Since the introduction of GDPR, the need for all sites to have a Privacy Policy has been become very prominent. Getting a legal text written up can be costly and time-consuming though. So to easily overcome this headache, as part of the GDPR Data Manager plugin we have included a Privacy Policy generator which has a basic text included that can be easily edited or added to as required.

In this blog and accompanying video we outline how to complete this task in 5 simple steps:

  1. Download, install and activate GDPR Data Manager (in WordPress Plugin Repository)
  2. Create a page (Pages => Admin menu in left) – we suggest calling it “Privacy Policy”
  3. Navigate to the “Privacy Policy” tab within the GDPR Data Manager plugin to review the text and edit as required
  4. Copy the short-code at the top of the page
  5. Return to the page you created on step 2 and paste this short-code as the content body and save

“View Page” will allow you to see the front-end view of your page, where you will see the content arranged into 6 sections. At this point you may want to add your page as a menu item so it can be navigated to but its that simple to meet your obligation to provide a site privacy policy. Best of all the Privacy Policy generator is available in the free version of the GDPR Data Manager plugin!


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