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How do I export WordPress user data?


A user requests an “export of the data you hold on them” – this request is becoming much more frequent as users become more familiar with their rights under GDPR. As a data controller operating within the EU (even if domiciled outside the EU), WordPress site managers have a legal obligation now to process this request in a timely manner. In this blog and accompanying video we will show you how to complete this task safely and securely and all in 5  simple steps!

For the purposes of this guide we will be using the GDPR Data Manager plugin which has extensive audit logging and disaster recovery to allay any fears for website owners of causing any damage to your all important data.

5 step guide:

  1. Download, install and activate GDPR Data Manager (in WordPress Plugin Repository)
  2. Select Plugin support if required – WooCommerce / Easy Digital Downloads
  3. Review the “Privacy Policy” tab to edit user page text if required (boiler-plate text provided)
  4. Enter the email address provided by the user to find the relevant data
  5. Click the Verify Delete option

This is essentially all that’s involved for the data controller – you can now sit back and relax! From this point onward – the process is in the hands of the user. The requester will receive an email link where they can download their data in any of these formats CSV, XML or JSON . All this is in the hands of the user (the data owner) which meets the criteria set out under GDPR. Audit records are stored on the website owners site for reference and if in the event of roll-back the plugin has a sync facility to restore any user actions that were lost when the site was rolled back.

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